Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Write the DC Council about the South Capitol Street Tragedy Memorial Act

   The South Capitol Street Memorial Act of 2011 will create an intrusive government bureaucracy and will ask teachers to take on an extra workload to do mental health evaluations. 
We need more family strengthening and less government intrusion.  The inability of the District's Youth and Rehabilitative Services Agency as well as the Child and Family Services Agency to properly care for those under their respective jurisdictions should give us pause in creating yet another government bureaucracy.
   Also, with a budget shortfall, how can this monstrous bureaucracy be funded?
This bill should be killed now, and more effort given to supporting community based education to prevent risky behavior among our youth.  Studies show that behaviors such as being suspended from school are related to other risky behaviors, such as sex outside of marriage.  A character based, abstinence affirming sexual health education alternative to the condom based approach now used in DC would be a good place to start in reducing risky behavior among DC youth. 

Use the ULTRA Teen Choice email tool to contact all DC Councilmembers, key staff, and Mayor Gray.