Monday, December 03, 2012

Ban K2 and Spice?

So let me get this right.  Synthetic marijuana is bad and should be banned in the District of Columbia.  OK, fair enough, I agree (

But, in that case, why have we made the sale of (medical) marijuana legal.  Is anyone under the impression that well to do DC residents will not be able to (legally) purchase marijuana by getting a “prescription” from a dubious doctor.  We are giving a totally mixed message to our young people.

It reminds me of the message about sex that the District government and Health Department gives, which basically is, you should abstain, but since you are not going to, be sure to “be responsible” and use a condom.  The correct message is to tell youth clearly the consequences of sexual activity before marriage and that they should abstain from sex before marriage.

Similarly, it would seem that it is now considered OK to use “medical” marijuana, which of course no one will use except those with dire medical conditions (not!).  Yet it is irresponsible to use synthetic marijuana. 

No wonder young people in Washington DC are confused. The adults making these laws and regulations should get their own act together, first.  Let’s make things clear.  For health, safety and success, there should be no sex before marriage.  Likewise, there should be no illicit drug use of any kind, whether “medical” or not.