Monday, March 12, 2012

DC’s value-less sex education

So today I pull my van up to a parking lot near 5th St. and D St. NE to make a grocery delivery for Urban Grocery at 3:30 p.m.  There I see a group of two girls and three boys from Stuart-Hobson Middle School between the apartment building and a fence covered with ivy.  “Pull up” says one boy.  “We did that” says the other as they swagger off.  One of the girls lingers while apparently pulling her pants up. 

This is the expected end result of Washington, DC’s value less sex education.  Sex is good, just use a condom (although at least 30% do not).  No values, no idea of when you are supposed to have sex (i.e., when you are married).  Sexual exploration is good, per David Catania’s (in)famous sex education report.

And there is the small pamphlet that ninth grade high school students receive from DCPS “Going to get it on? Gotta put it on”. Click here to see the pamphlet: (warning, it shows how to put a condom on.)  Youth are tested for syphilis and gonorrhea after peeing in a cup.  All this without any parental notification or consent. 

Wake up DC parents.  If you want the best future for your children, get involved.  Be aware of what your children are being taught in school.  Ask and demand to see all sex education materials.  Invite Urban Life Training to give a free parent presentation to your Parent-Teacher association.  Urban Life Training raises youth leaders to develop good character and teach about healthy sexuality.  Click here to see the school and community-based presentations that Urban Life Training gives.