Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to Character; Not Condoms

I have had it on my mind for a while to create this blog.
Then, yesterday, while waiting in line at the Target store, where the lady in front of me was taking about 20 minutes, I asked a young couple behind me if they had heard of ULTRA Teen Choice. She said no, and when I explained about it, she and he were glad to hear that we are doing something positive for the youth.
Then I shared that we are working at two schools in DC. He said, that's a rough neighborhood (near RFK Stadium, and Union Station). Then he shared that he recently witnessed a homicide on the street beside Union Station. The person just ahead of him was shot and killed and his wallet stolen.
You might ask; what has that got to do with helping youth to be abstinent from sex before marriage. Plenty. Ninety per cent of youth who come from stable, two parent homes, even in high crime areas, will not become involved in any kind of delinquency. Do you get the connection?
By promoting abstinence, we are encouraging youth to aim for a brighter future. When they wait, and provide a stable, loving home for their future children, then the spate of lawlessness and juvenile crime that we see in Washington DC will decline dramatically.
It's really simple, when you think about it. Family break down leads to societal problems. By abstaining from sex before marriage, youth are not just preventing disease or unwanted pregnancy, they are helping to ensure a better future for themselves and for our city.


  1. BigDaddy7:40 PM

    Man you really hit the nail on the head. Keep up the great work. I am willing to pass this along to others.

  2. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Teaching abstinence may help, but so many people would just ignore it. You have to teach them that if they are going to have sex, there are consequences that can be avoided. It's just the same as going rock climbing. You can tell people not to climb, or you can give them a rope, and teach them how to tie the proper knots. That way, you get people going rock climbing and enjoying themselves while having the security of a rope, as opposed to just dabbling in rock climbing, and then having a fatal fall.

  3. Well if you think people would ignore abstinence, don't you think something is wrong with that?


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