Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sexting Scandal

The "sexting" related suicide of Jessie Logan, 18 year old Sycamore High School (Cincinnatti, OH) senior from who became extemely depressed after her ex-boyfriend sent her nude picture to other girls shows one more dark example of how far away from a culture of healthy and repectful relationships we have come. Jessie was relentlessly harrassed by other girls at her school.
It goes to show it is not just about sex at all, but about what wholesome relationships look like. Sexual purity of mind and body can protect children (and adults, too) from the coarseness and ravages of lustful, unwholesome relationships.
One thing I have noticed is that those who promote any kind of sexual relationship at anytime often have a very crude and rude view of sexuality. It is often seen as a kind of mechanical process, where love, beauty and sacredness have no place.
I found this out when we put an image on ULTRAteenchoice.org that showed a diamond with a chain around it. Websites that often talk about sex as "sticking the bolt in the nut", such as Pandagon, thought that was just hilarious.
I think that is a major reason that those with an "any kind of sex at most any time" is OK attitude will always clash with those who see sex as something that involves the most sacred bonds of love that can create a life and a lineage. One view is carnal and self-centered, the other is unselfish and brings higher value to the relationship and recognizes the importance of a union that embodies love and can lead to life and lineage. One kind of relationship, when consummated in marriage, is constructive, while the other is often destructive, and can lead to devastation, heartbreak, and sometimes even death.

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