Saturday, November 21, 2009

Michelle Rhee should resign over sexual misconduct cover up

The role of Michelle Rhee in covering up sexual misconduct by her fiancee, Sacramento California mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson has just been revealed in a congressional report. As reported in The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times and many other media, Ms. Rhee handled "damage control" as a member of the Board of Directors of St. Hope Academy, the school that Kevin Johnson founded.
The congressional report says that Johnson made inappropriate sexual advances toward three young women involved in the St Hope program. One AmeriCorps volunteer working there allegedly was offered $1000 per month to keep quiet. Michelle Rhee was informed of the sexual misconduct by a staff member.
Ms. Rhee has politicized DC Public Schools. All the while, she claims that she is acting in the best interests of children.
In 2007, Ms Rhee told the character based abstinence education program that I founded, ULTRA Teen Choice to stop its programs in DC Public Schools. It was alleged, falsly, by her special assistant Richard Nyankori, that all outside health programs were being stopped. Nyankori and Deputy Chief for Youth Engagement Chad Ferguson, in a private meeting told me that since I did not express explicit personal support for same sex relationships, and since I testified against now adopted health standards that effectively promote same sex relationships as normal, that our program would not be welcome in DC Public Schools. Later, Ms. Rhee became personally involved in our case, and even falsely claimed that I had held a meeting at a school without permission and changed a school's entry log (doesn't she have anything else to do)? Find our the details here.
It is ironic that Ms Rhee refers to the "safety and security of children" in the letter. It is also ironic that she worked so diligently to block a character based program that helps children to abstain from sexual relationships, while she covered for her fiancee who made inappropriate sexual advances on those under his supervision.
The Washington DC City Council should open an investigation into Ms. Rhee's misconduct at the St. Hope Academy, as well as her misconduct in the termination of the ULTRA Teen Choice program. The council should also look into other ways in which Ms. Rhee has politicized the school system by bringing in programs that support her views in issues such as same sex relationships, while blocking or ousting programs that promote traditional values. At the same time, Ms. Rhee should tender her resignation effective immediately.

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