Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Angela McCaskill warning

Maryland voters will face the question of whether to vote for or against question 6 On Novmeber 6th, 2012.   Voters will be well advised to pay attention to the case of Gallaudet University associate provost of diversity and inclusion, Angela McCaskill.  Ms. McCaskill simply signed the petition to put Question 6 on the ballot in Maryland.  For that she was put on administrative leave from her job.  Two lesbian faculty members decided that it was inappropriate for her to serve as chief diversity officer and wrote a letter to Gallaudent Univesity president T. Alan Hurwitz.

Here in Washington DC I have had a similar experience.  In 2007, I was circulating a petition to remove the inclusion of language describing same sex relationships as normal in the revision of the DC Public Schools Health Education Standards.  (find out more about this here  Former DC Public School officials Richard Nyankori and Chad Ferguson called me in for a private, off the record meeting.  They stated that I was free to circulate the petition, but that if I did our HIV and pregnancy prevention and relationship intelligence program would not be welcome in DC Public Schools.   Nyankori and Ferguson also asked me what my position is on Same Sex Marriage.   I refused to answer, stating that it had nothing to do with our  program.  However, Nyankori and Ferguson made it clear that those not in favor of same sex "marriage' would not be welcome in DC Public Schools.  So much for "inclusion" and "diversity".

Legalization of same sex "marriage" in Maryland will have far reaching consequences.  Many of those who simply contributed to the campaign opposing legalization of same sex "marriage" in California were blacklisted and forced to resign from their jobs.  Check this blog.  Those who think that the push to legalize same sex marriage is just about allowing same sex couples to be "married" would do well to learn from the examples above.  Your personal and religious freedoms are at stake. Be sure to vote AGAINST Question 6 in order to preserve traditional marriage in Maryland as the union of one man and one woman.  Do not be fooled. A FOR vote is a vote to legalize same-sex marriage so you will want to make sure you vote AGAINST Question 6.