Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Abstinence?

This evening I was attending a Kiwanis Club meeting. While at the cashier, I talked to a young lady at the cashier. who is a junior at a southeast Washington, DC high school. I explained about signing the petition to save abstinence education in Washington, DC. She said that she supports that because she has a sister who is 16 years old. When her sister was 13, she had an abortion. She is emotionally messed up because of that. The guy was 30 years old, and ended up getting jail time for statutory rape.
How many youth could literally be saved if we could get the message of abstinence out to more youth?
How does giving out a condom deal at all with the whole person? What about the emotional, social, moral as well as the physical consequences of having sex?
I will fight with all my heart and soul for the youth. No one has the right to stop those youth who want to choose sexual abstinence from having a program to support them.

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  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    There is freedom of speech in America for those with the politically correct viewpoint.
    The major world religions advocate abstinence--though that might not fit into the "politically correct" concept of diversity.


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