Thursday, August 07, 2008

Michelle Rhee pushes agendas instead of helping youth

The attempt to influence teachers to give up tenure by hiring some teachers to lobby is another example of how The Fenty/Rhee administration puts agendas before student, parent, teacher and citizen well being. In my role as the director of a nonprofit that was operating at Eastern Senior High School and several other DC Public Schools, I can attest to the pressure and manipulation that was put on teachers who have served the school system for many years. I personally know of four teachers who retired just this past year. One did not bother to finish the school year. After 25 years of teaching, he was fed up with unruly classrooms and lack of support from the school administration. Another teacher worked heroically to help 10th grade students who were reading at fifth grade level. She was subjected to repeated "evaluations", and has also retired. Another teacher had a stoke and recovered. She too had served students for over 25 years, and has also retired.
Why does Ms Rhee want to fire, retire or otherwise push out so many teachers. Could she be pushing other agendas than the welfare of the youth.
Yes, definitely. One such agenda is getting rid of older, tenured teachers to make way for younger teachers (read New Teacher Project, Ms. Rhee's former organization) who are more comfortable promoting "diversity" (read promotion of normalization of same sex relationships for youth starting in 6th grade). Could there also be a bias toward teachers who may display more inclination to partner with faith based organizations in the community? That is a possibility, too.
Ms. Rhee lied repeatedly in kicking the ULTRA Teen Choice program out of DC Public Schools, while her staff had stated back in December that the real reason was that they do not agree with programs that promote abstinence and waiting to have sex until marriage, but do not specifically include discussion of same sex relationships.

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    This is real injustice! We cannot let this continue!


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