Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Advertising nude models in Civic Newsletter

In the September issue of The Buzz, it is advertised that jewelry in an exhibit at Evolve Galleries will be displayed on nude models during the opening reception. While Evolve galleries is certainly free to hold this event, it is wrong to advertise it for free in "North Lincoln Park's Neighborhood Newsletter", which is distributed each month to over 1000 homes in the North Lincoln Park area.

This is another example of an "anything goes" attitude toward moral and family issues. It is interesting to note that Elizabeth Nelson of The Buzz editorial team is one of the persons who was on an Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)6A committee that recommended that ULTRA Teen Choice, an organization that promotes sexual abstinence and preparation for marriage, not receive any funding from the ANC, except for xerox copies (that, too, was ultimately denied).

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