Monday, April 27, 2009

Why can't homosexual "marriage" work?

Due to the principles through which God created the world, love requires an object. It is quite apparent in the natural and human world, that God created using the pair system, where male and female, men and women complement each other. Men and women come together, centered on love and the higher purpose of forming a family that will create children. It is also quite apparent that a man or a woman cannot create a child by themselves, no matter how long they may try. These basic relationships of family, including the parents and grandparents, form a nucleus for all relationships in the world, by extension, such as the brotherhood of all humanity centered upon our one common Creator.
Same sex relationships are out of order with the natural world, as stated above. Additionally, a dutch study found that men in homosexual relationships on average have eight partners a year outside those relationships. In this aspect, these relationships are not what most people would consider "marriage". Also, there is a large degree of banality and crassness in many such relationships. Consider this post by ex gay Greg Quinlan, when confronted by a former Human Rights Campaign staff member.
"At the booth, Besen (former Human Rights Campaign spokesperson) stuck his finger in my face and called me a "fu*king fag*," "fu*king co*ksucker," "nellie fairy," etc. "You're still having gay sex," he yelled at me. We had to call security to remove him because we were scared for our safety."

A world of peace will come when we recognize God's principles and follow them. These principles are not a religion, but rather the same "inalienable rights" that the Founding Fathers recognized. At that time, they were a part of the community that was a given, although they were not always carried out completely, as in the case of slavery. Relationships of love come centered on higher values. When these universal principles are discarded in favor of banal, crass relationships, the very core of society is threatened. We must awaken to this fact and vigorously defend the institution of marriage between and man and a woman.

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