Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is it discriminatory to promote abstinence in preparation for marriage?

One of the most common arguments against promoting abstinence until marriage is that same sex couples cannot marry. The argument goes that this is discriminatory against same sex couples.
But is it really? The premise is that same sex attraction disorder (SSAD)is something that you are born with. But there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that this is true. That is why those vehemently promoting SSAD normalization are so against those who provide guidance and counseling and services for those who wish to deal with their SSAD and change. It also follows that if people are not born SSAD, and that many, if not all, wish they could change, and many do change to heterosexual lifestyle, that is is a choice to remain SSAD, that could be changed.
This idea totally undermines the argument for special privileges, rights to marry, etc for SSAD couples. That is why they insist that people can't change, yet SSAD people can and do change their sexual orientation.
If SSAD is recognized, then there is no basis for special privileges and rights, including the argument that it is wrong to talk about abstinence in preparation for marriage.
Promoting abstinence in preparation for marriage does not discriminate against anyone. Many people can and do change their sexual orientation.
Furthermore, if you eliminate the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, then any type of relationship must be accepted, since there is no longer any definition. What about polygamous relationships or incestuous relationships? What would the basis be to deny these groupings "rights"? Ironically, giving special rights to those with SSAD leads to discrimination against those who hold religious, moral or social views that uphold the institution of marriage as being between only one man and one woman.

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